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A strong resolution on paid sick leave for all workers was adopted by the Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council on March 15.

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Recent News

Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay strongly criticized today’s 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that allows most of SB 4 – the racial profiling bill – to take effect:

Members and leaders of the union that represents hotel and hospitality workers gathered Monday evening to discuss the workers’ experiences with sexual harassment by guests and what the union is doing to create safer workplaces for its members.

The meeting of national and local leaders of the AFL-CIO, Chicago Federation of Labor and employees that the union represents — which includes hotel and hospitality workers — came less than a month after an alderman sponsored a loophole into the city’s sexual harassment ordinance that would weaken the legislation.

In a primary election with few consistent themes, the working people of the Texas AFL-CIO COPE helped make history and check the advance of a right-wing agenda that would undermine public schools, reduce access to health care and further compromise the future of immigrants, Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said.

Stand by for more action! The Dallas AFL-CIO meets at 7:30 Thursday, March 15, at 1408 N Washington. All affiliated union members and invited guests will analyze developments and make plans for labor's next moves.

Big Union Strike Wins!

The incredible victory of West Virginia school employee unions will be high on everyone's list. How did they manage to pull off a nine-day strike that shut down every school in the state? How did they win a freeze on new health care costs and a five percent raise for themselves and all state employees? What can we expect next?