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For really serious study, the labor history archives on the top floor of the librar

Canvassing at 10 AM on Saturday, October 13, begins at 2741 E Beltline Rd#110 in Carrollton. We canvassed in Richardson last week.

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Tell Congress to repeal the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations instead of cutting the vital programs that benefit nearly one-third of the U.S. population.

Recent News

It seems every talking head in Washington has been in a frenzy recently, rushing to either glorify or condemn the new North American Free Trade Agreement, known as the United States Mexico Canada Agreement. But the truth is that it is still too early to pass any final judgment.

Your Dallas AFL-CIO projects a rigorous schedule to affect the November election. Join us at 10 AM Saturday, October 6, at 1701 Greenville#1000 in Richardson. On Sunday, October 7, we will have a table at the 10-hour-long political rally downtown. Fill out a short form to volunteer. 

It is fitting that a major forum on Texas school problems took place in a union hall. All progressives are concerned about education, and labor is the center of the progressive movement. The Alliance/AFT school employees’ union and its allies organized “The State of Our Schools” on September 29 at the Communications Workers’ hall at 1408 N Washington in Dallas. Their coalition, “Our Communities, Our Schools,” is a broad group of concerned organizations and individuals.