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Dallas Labor News May 9, 2014

Pamela Resendiz believes in action!

Let's Hustle for Labor's Political Program!

We are very excited that the Labor Walks are starting this Saturday, May 10th, 2014. For the month of May, Labor is going to be making sure that we are turning out folks to vote for the run off election. If you can’t make this walk, we have two other walks scheduled for the month of May. We meet at 848 UAW Union Hall located at 2218 E. Main St, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 we will provide breakfast, snacks and water. The walks last from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. Below you will find the dates for our other two Labor Walks:
May 17, 2014 Saturday from 9:00-1:00 pm
May 24, 2014 Saturday from 9:00-1:00 pm
We ask you make sure labor’s voice is heard. This saturday as we launch our first Labor Walks we are excited to announce John Patrick, Secretary Treasurer of Texas AFL-CIO will be joining us! Please be there!

Dallas Council Diversifies and Strengthens

Critics of the American labor movement leadership sometimes say that there are not enough women, not enough youth, and not enough people who speak Spanish. Your Dallas labor movement overrode those objections by adding Pamela Resendiz as Mobilization Coordinator and Gloria Delgadillo as head of the Young Workers movement. Contact Pamela at presendiz.dallasaflcio@gmail.com to let her know you're coming to the Labor Walks! Contact Gloria at gdelgadillo@texasaft.org to get more young workers activated.

Proposed Resolution to Oppose the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Profit over People Agenda

Whereas, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is an organization, that connectscorporate lobbyists with state legislators to pass special interest legislation in all fifty States. The organization has roughly 2,000 legislative members and 300 corporate members, and has been called by Bill Moyers the “most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of;”

Whereas, ALEC operates behind closed doors, and is almost exclusively funded by corporations, corporate trade associations, corporate foundations, and sources other than membership dues;

Whereas, most of ALEC’s model bills are written by corporate lawyers and all of them are pre-
approved by corporate lobbyists in ALEC Task Force meetings before becoming ALEC model policy. ALEC model bills are distributed to ALEC lawmakers, who introduce the legislation in statehouse across the country without disclosing their source;

Whereas, ALEC is holding it’s annual meeting in Dallas Texas July 30- August 1 and given it’s work on education, the environment, voter ID, trade, and other issues, ALEC will be pushing an agenda which negatively impacts all people who work for a living;

Whereas, in Dallas, ALEC lawmakers will receive corporate-written ALEC model legislation to introduce in their respective states, along with tips on what messaging and PR tactics are the most effective in getting that legislation passed;

Whereas, many ALEC-drafted bills pursue standard conservative goals: rolling back civil rights, union busting, and “tort reform,” undermining environmental protection, and tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy;

Whereas, a central ALEC goal is to curtail government regulations of businesses, especially ones that protect the environment and/or public health;

Whereas, ALEC is an active supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership and other NAFTA- style free trade policies that have caused the loss of 5 million jobs in the United States, has encouraged sweatshop conditions in industry and the devastation of family based agriculture in developing countries, and promoted increased privatization of public utilities and natural resources worldwide on behalf of transnational corporations;

Whereas, ALEC drove the recent surge in state voter ID laws which erect new barriers to voting and disproportionately hinder minority, elderly and indigent voters. In the past two years, thirty-four states have introduced bills to restrict voting for some 5 million eligible voters, nine have passed voter ID laws and dozens of other states have gotten rid of early voting or tried to hobble voter registration drives;

Whereas, ALEC adopted and promoted as one of its “models,” the infamous “Stand Your Ground” law. Some 24 states have subsequently adopted “Stand Your Ground” laws, at least ten of which are nearly identical to ALEC’s “model.” Buried in ALEC’s “Stand Your Ground” laws is another measure that confers absolute civil immunity on perpetrators who successfully avoid arrest and prosecution under this law, blatantly tearing away the constitutional rights of crime victims;

Whereas, preventing access to the civil courts for everyday Americans is a pervasive theme that runs through ALEC’s entire, corporate-backed agenda. ALEC’s very active Civil Justice Task Force is devoted to preventing injured people from holding wrongdoers accountable in court;

Whereas, some ALEC drafted bills would completely immunize certain industries for manufacturing unsafe products, which they have brought to market under lax government rules. History shows that many such products were made safer only after families filed lawsuits against those responsible. Immunizing these industries means that people injured by unsafe products will no longer have any recourse;

Whereas, Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote: “To a large extent the organization seeks not limited government but privatized government, in which corporations get their profits from taxpayer dollars, dollars steered their way by friendly politicians. In short, ALEC isn’t so much about promoting free markets as it is about expanding crony capitalism...Its legislative templates aren’t just about generating immediate benefits to the organization’s corporate sponsors; they’re about creating a political climate that will favor even more corporation-friendly legislation in the future;”

Whereas, as Krugman noted, ALEC is keenly focused on privatization — that is, on turning the provision of public services, from schools to prisons, public transportation to social and welfare services, over to for-profit corporations;

Therefore Be It Resolved, that [ADD ORGANIZATIONS NAME] continues its work to inform its members and the community on ALEC’s destructive legislative agenda, which furls a race to the bottom in wages and worker rights, and encourages our members to participate in calls to action surrounding planned activities during the ALEC Convention in Dallas or in solidarity actions in other cities across America.

More Actions Coming Up

North Texas Jobs with Justice Monthly Meeting May 14th
Come and be a part of the planning to expose the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its agenda of putting profits and right-wing political power before the needs of working people. ALEC is coming to Dallas July 30 - August 1 and we want to give them a proper Texas un-welcome. Join the growing coalition and bring your organization or group on board or come as an individual activist.
We will meet at 1408 N Washington Ave, Dallas at 7 PM. For more information e-mail jobswithjusticetexas@gmail.com.

Community Conversation May 13th
“Our Shared Vision for Fulfilling the Promise of Brown v. Board of Education”
You are invited to come and discuss how to improve DISD with a newly formed coalition of parents, community members, activists, leaders, civic organizations, faith groups and others called Our Community, Our Schools (OCOS). Share your vision of ensuring high quality education for all children. Public education is a democratic process. Be a part of it!
Come to Dallas County Schools Technology Center at 5151 Samuel Blvd., Dallas on May 13 at 5:30 PM to 8 PM. Refreshments served. For more information e-mail jobswithjusticetexas@gmail.com.

May 15, 7:30PM: Central Labor Council meeting for all members of AFL-CIO affiliated unions.

Gloria Delgadillo organizes young workers

International Children’s Day and May Day Parade May 25
Bring your family and friends on May 25th from 1 PM to 5 PM to the Windspear/ATT Performing Arts Center (2403 Flora St., Dallas) to this free event with lots of activities for children and help carry your union’s or organization's banner in the parade. May Day is celebrated all over the world in honor of workers and their contributions to society. The Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, the UFCW, and DFW International are sponsors. For program details and more information go to www.dfwinternational.org or e-mail jobswithjusticetexas@gmail.com.

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