Dallas AFL-CIO Council

Dallas Labor News 10/18/13

Mark York and several other unionists joined a picket against Senator Ted Cruz

Next Crisis: January 15

During the crisis that nearly brought the world into economic ruin, union folks and other progressives fought it the best we could. We wrote letters, made phone calls, and hit the streets at least 4 times in Dallas. Mark York of the AFL-CIO was right there.

Just by a hair, we avoided this calamity. A lot of folks didn't get involved. They didn't know what to do, or they weren't in contact with anybody who did know what to do. They barely missed an economic disaster.
We can't let this happen again. The next scheduled crisis in January 15, when Republicans could shut the government down again, and February 7, when they could let America default on its debts. Does anybody think that some of them won't try it again?

Fortunately, the national and state AFL-CIO are helping Dallas fortify itself. Major improvements are underway and they concern everybody that cares about working people. We have until January to get our fighting forces in order. Let's make the connections between unions and community organizations. Let's improve our communications and, especially, our educational efforts. Let's be ready for the next one!

Help Win Immigration Reform Saturday

Organizing for Action has called a rally for 1 PM Saturday, October 19, at Belo Gardens Park. That's the new one across from the federal building downtown.

AFL-CIO Starts Strategic Planning

If anybody thought the AFL-CIO wasn't serious about making dramatic changes after their last convention, they may have been surprised to see the State President, Becky Moeller, join two top organizers from national, Lori Ortega and Lorenzo Scott, in Dallas on October 17. They interviewed leaders of the Central Labor Council and set a date, November 21, for an all-day strategic planning session. Among the many ambitious changes underway, the AFL-CIO intends to pull together the progressive forces into a powerful and independent political movement!

Dallas Labor Endorses Kristi Lara for School Board

The Texas AFl-CIO is calling for a "yes" vote on amendment 1, 2, 4 and 6 for the November 5th election. Following the recommendations of the teachers union, the Dallas Central Labor Council endorsed Kristi Lara for school board in District 8. One delegate joked that the Dallas Morning News hates her and that's a very good reason for working people to help her! The last day that elections offices will receive applications for ballot by mail is October 25. The first day of early voting is October 21.

"Big Labor" (actually Ray Edmondson of UAW 119) embraces Kristi Lara for Dallas School Board


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