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The Dallas County AFL-CIO represents the interests of working families — to bring economic and social justice to the workplace.  Read more...

America's Next Top Role Model

As a 14-year-old, Sara Ziff faced situations most adults find difficult to manage. But as a model barely out of middle school, sexual harassment and fighting for wages owed to her were all too common. She found out she wasn’t alone. Other models faced the same challenges, and many were pressured to drop out of high school to make the most of a short-lived career.

They banded together to address these concerns collectively, to establish fair and ethical standards in the workplace. In 2012, Ziff formed the Model Alliance to bring dramatic and lasting change in the fashion industry. We spoke with Ziff this month about the fashion industry and the initiatives at The Model Alliance. Read the full article>>>


Communications Workers fight for retiree health benefits

TOP phone bank

Activities coming up


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All this is fine as far as it goes. But we need to be more ambitious. We should be raising the federal minimum to $15 an hour. Here are seven reasons why: 1. Had the minimum wage of 1968 simply stayed even with inflation, it would be more than $10 an hour today. But the typical worker is also about twice as productive as then. Some of those productivity gains should go to workers at the bottom. 2. $10.10 isn’t enough to lift all workers and their families out of poverty. Most low-wage workers aren’t young teenagers; they’re major breadwinners for their families, and many are women. And they and their families need a higher minimum. Read more >>>

It’s good to be a CEO, at least paywise. According to the 2014 AFL-CIO Executive PayWatch, released today, it’s 331 times better to be a CEO than an average worker. PayWatch finds that the average CEO of an S&P 500 company pocketed $11.7 million in 2013, while the average worker earned $35,293. The gap between CEOs and minimum wage workers is more than twice as wide—774 times. Read more >>>

Equal pay for women on KNON radio 9 AM Saturday, April 12

Remember our brother T.C. Gillespie on April 12

Apr 16: 9AM: Dallas City Council on privatizing DISD

Apr 16, 1PM: Rally to save retiree benefits in downtown Dallas

Apr 17, 7:45PM: Dallas Central Labor Council for members of affiliated unions

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AFL-CIO Calls Day of Action on Immigration Reform

Progressives Fight to Stop Privatization

Tarrant Labor Leader T.C. Gillespie Has Passed

Letitia Van de Putte Hit Dallas on Texas Tour

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Letitia Van de Putte Texas Tour Schedule Set

Events Coming Up

Russell Thompson Wins Poker Tournament

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Senator Letitia Van de Putte To Visit Dallas

College Cafeteria Workers Win Their Union!

Workers Fight for Higher Minimum Wage

CWA Studies Election Work

Cesar Chavez Movie a "Must See"



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North Texas Jobs with Justice organized a group to preview the new Cesar Chavez movie Read more >>>

Cafeteria workers at Texas Christian University unionize! Read more >>>

Poker Tonight!
Privatization of schools scheme prompts backlash
AFL-CIO continues support for candidates in runoff elections
Austin workers petition for help
College workers seek union
Stand with women March 24 6:30P
Cesar Chavez movie 7:30P on March 27
Privatization main topic at Apr 9 JwJ meeting
Apr16 1 PM rally for retirees at AT&T on Jackson Street
May 1 is International Children's Day
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Workers Defense Project asks that we join in demand for fair treatment. Read more >>>

Labor, community, and political organizations are coming out strong in opposition to the attempt to take over the Dallas schools Read more >>>

 Women Celebrated on March 8

Dallas Schools Threatened

Get Your Tickets for Poker Night

Community Allies Will Strengthen Our Workers Movement

Runoff Campaigns Underway

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 The Dallas AFL-CIO Community Engagement Committee is building a data base of progressive groups who could strengthen the workers' movement. Read more >>>

 Immigration Reform Bus Coming to  Arlington Read more >>>

Saturday is International Women's Day

Dallas Election Report

Immigration Reform Action March 11

Teachers Fight to Save Dallas Schools

Anti-Worker Leaders to Hold Convention in Dallas


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 Play poker with Dallas AFL-CIO Read more >>>

Pressure mounts during last week of early voting

Dallas retiree chapter invites everyone

Celebrate women!

Dallas AFL-CIO seeks one good mobilizer

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 Job Description: Dallas AFL-CIO Mobilization Coordinator Read more >>>

 Dallas CLC Sets Hot Pace

Hotter Pace Coming Up

What's It All About?

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 Alliance AFT Sponsors Bowl-A-Thon Read more >>>

Strategic Planning Underway While Actions Continue

Phone banking and Block Walking begin

EARLY VOTING RALLY 11:00 A.M.--- 12:00 P.M 509 MAIN ST Tuesday, February 18

Demand Increase in Minimum Wage!

Religion and Labor -- What a Combination!*

International Women’s Day Celebration

Celebrate Women's Day with Becky Moeller of Texas AFL-CIO

There Were at Least 250 American Slave Uprisings!

No on Fast Track!

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Judge Jenkins Advocates $10.10/hour

President Munoz Takes Delegation to Washington DC

Black History Celebration Set

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Deadline 1/31 for Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Applications

AFL-CIO Selects Candidates

Fight for Fair Trade Now

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  •  Fight "Fast Track" to Unfair Trade
  • MLK for Labor, Labor for MLK!
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 Dallas AFL-CIO Interviews 70 Candidates!

Join the Fight Against Trans Pacific Partnership

Labor Board Cites Texas in Complaint Against Walmart

Texas Labor Unites on January 24

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AFL-CIO Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

March on January 18

"Free Trade" Returns to Plague Us!

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Jan 8, 7 PM: JwJ will present "MLK and the Labor Movement, a Special Tribute" 1408 N Washington

Jan 22: National Day of Action on Trans Pacific Parnership

Jan 22, 4PM: UAW members invited to a voter registration event at UAW Local 276 on January 22, 4:00 pm 2505 W.E. Roberts Street Grand Prairie, TX 75051

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What Will Happen in 2014

The bosses are always the best organizers. In 2013, they outdid themselves in motivating Americans from all walks of life to organize. In 2014, the bosses will reap their whirlwind. In the earliest days of 2014, Congress will pass legislation to extend unemployment benefits to the 1.3 million who were cut off on December 28, 2013. Serious jobs bills will be put forward in early 2014.

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Labor Defends Health Care Against Subversive Attack

What Have Unions Done for You?

AFL-CIO Prepares for Major Role in Elections

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How do we love you?

Let us count the ways..

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Labor and Allies Draw Closer

Stand Up for Health Care Monday

How Low Can You Go (in Texas Politics)?

Congressional Grinches Are After Our Christmas

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World's Workers Mourn Mandela

Pleae Attend Human Rights Day Activity December 10

Stand Against Cuts December 12

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 Labor Pulls Together for Walmart Workers on "Black Friday"

Young Workers Meet December 5

International Human Rights Day is December 10

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The Dallas AFL-CIO is transforming itself!

Nov 23,12:45PM: Join the Ironworkers and Workers Defense Project for an emergency demonstration and press conference at the George Bush DART station in Richardson

Nov 29, 8AM: Walmart workers protest at 12300Lake June Rd in Balch Springs.

Dec 5, 7PM:  AFL-CIO youth (Under 40) meets at 1408 N Washington

Dec 9: Last day for candidates to file

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Nov 18, 8 AM-7PM: Phone-a-Thon for immigration reform

Nov 20, 5:30 PM: Stand with Wal Mart Workers

Nov 21, 7:30 PM: Dallas AFL-CIO to meet

Dec 1, 10 AM: Wendy Davis speaks at Teamsters 745 hall

Dec 5, 7 PM: Young Workers Council meets

Dec 10, 7 PM: International Human Rights Day 

Every Day: Start now to win the 2014 elections!

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Community Partnerships Continue to Grow

Retirees to Support Veterans Against Cuts

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Invites You to a Webinar

Politics Getting Hotter!

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 Calling All Young Workers: JOIN THE LABOR MOVEMENT

Workers to Examine 2014 Candidates

Take Action with Labor!

Vote now!

Labor Will Talk with Political Leaders


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 Help Walmart Workers and Other Upcoming Events

Texas AFL-CIO Scholarship Applications Available

We Are Building a Progressive Coalition

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Celebrate the Victory, Get Ready for Next Crisis

Immigration Reform Rally Saturday 10/19/13

AFL-CIO Starts StrategicPlanning

Labor Endorses Lara for School Board

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Street Heat Tuesday

Exciting Meeting Thursday

Economic Crisis Is Not Our Only Battle

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End the Government Shutdown with a Clean Budget!
Oppose  Voter Suppression!
Fight Wealth Inequality! Read more >>>

 Don't sit on the sidelines during this crisis!

Call Congress

Talk Tuesday

Picket Wednesday

Strategize Thursday

March Saturday

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Upcoming events

Lamentable passing of Jimmy Whitehead

Exciting changes coming in labor movement

Upcoming election


 Mark your calendars

Dallas will support afl-cio resolution 16

Stand against the Trans Pacific Partnership "free trade proposal"

Dallas teachers say "no" to Superintendent Mike Mils

  • Dallas AFL-CIO Leader Arrested with Walmart Protesters
  • "Free Trade" Proposal Explained September 7
  • Strike is ON at Bell Helicopter in Hurst
  • Teachers Need Petitions Signed
  • More Actions Coming Up!

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 The new Financial Secretary-Treasurer of the Dallas AFl-CIO, Mark York, had a busy weekend August 31-September 2 Read more >>>

 AFl-CIO principal officer Mark York encourages participation in Aug 28th 50th Anniversary Celebrations and the Labor Day weekend celebrations

 Mark York was sworn in on August 15 to serve out the rest of the term of Financial Secretary-Treasurer of the Dallas AFL-CIO. Longtime leader Jim McCasland resigned that same day due to problems with his health.  Read more >>>

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